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Calavo Growers of California

Today, Calavo Growers of California is the preeminent marketer of avocados with over 1600 growers in California and unique alliances and joint ventures in Mexico, Chile, and New Zealand. Calavo's high quality standards, broad product line and innovative programs have enabled it to maintain and expand its market leadership position. You can put our expertise to work to better serve your customers and boost your bottom line. 

Calavo fresh avocados are in the produce section, and ready-made guacamole is in the refrigerated and frozen sections of supermarkets throughout the U.S. Often, the avocado half, slice or guacamole you enjoy at fine restaurants and fast food outlets are Calavo products. 

The Calavo brand is the only nationally recognized avocado brand. Behind that brand is a program of service, value and innovation geared to lead the industry in packaging, automation, technology application, shipping, handling and sales support. 

The Calavo name was created by combining the words California Avocados and 75 years later, it still stands for the best in avocados. 

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